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We're continuing on with the SGG focus on football, this time with another look at the youth level.

Devonte Windham, a graduate of the University of Missouri Law School, is an assistant state public defender in the Madison Trial Office. Originally from the Chicago area, Devonte coaches youth football with the Southside Raiders program in Madison. The Raiders are in their 50th year -- and are widely regarded as one of Madison's excellent community-based youth sports programs. In this episode of the SGG podcast, we discussed:

1.  The role and benefit in his life growing up.

2.  One of his early influential coaches, Coach Kennedy. “He was one of the first coaches who took an interest in my academic realm.”

3.  Seeking out the Southside Raiders program when he was new to Madison.

4.  The historical tradition of the Raiders.

5.  How being part of the Raiders has assisted his transition to the Madison community.

6.  Periodic intersections of his work and youth football life.

7.  The importance of family engagement in youth sports.

8.  Challenges associated with youth football.

9.  A success story with a particular family amid a very difficult time.


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