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Bell Cow award: Adam Kowles, the Hudson HS football coach who grows the good in his school community

We choose Bell Cow leaders as concrete models from whom we can learn to grow the good in our communities through sport. Adam Kowles, the football coach at Hudson High School makes a mark on everyone around him, as not only a winning coach, but as a skilled math teacher, caring collaborator, and dedicated community member. He’s impacted hundreds of lives in positive ways.

Like many coaches, Adam was a standout athlete. He is a hall of fame member at UW-River Falls for his remarkable exploits on the football field. His playing days were followed by a highly successful and ongoing journey as a coach and teacher. His everyday efforts in the classroom, team meeting rooms, the weight room, on the field, and in the community shape educational opportunities for young people in Hudson.

Coach Kowles is a Bell Cow for the leadership model he provides. He sees the big picture in working as a teacher and coach. He’s a dedicated, humble, and talented presence in the school. Sports, for Coach Kowles, are a vehicle for positive life impact. He’s a gift to everyone at Hudson. And, to all of us who are outside the school, he’s a model toward which we can aspire. Thank you, Coach, and congratulations.

We walked past this Albert Einstein quote in the hallway outside of Coach Kowles’ classroom. On the day we visited Hudson, we found Coach Kowles in the midst of intense focused work — not for football, but for his math classes.

We enjoyed visiting with Coach Kowles and activities director Aaron Moen, who leads the robust program of extracurricular offerings at Hudson HS.

We were inspired by the vibrant learning community at Hudson HS!


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