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About Badger Inquiry on Sport (BIOS)

Our Badger Inquiry on Sport (BIOS) initiative harnesses the power of the university, bringing top-level research and athletics together.

We use three strategies to elevate a world-leading research and athletics enterprise.

BIOS connects

We serve as a bridge, purposefully connecting athletics, research, and innovation at UW.

BIOS catalyzes

We catalyze research and innovation by matching the interests of Badger athletics with leading sports scholars and trailblazers.

BIOS communicates

In concert with the Wisconsin Idea, we share what we’ve learned from sports research and innovation. BIOS shares with the UW athletic department, the UW-Madison campus, the state of Wisconsin, and beyond in order to “grow the good” of the world in and through sports.

Fall 2023 BIOS Events

We have a new website! Please visit for a list of our programs and events for the 2023-24 academic year.

All online programming will use the following Zoom link. Here's a Zoom link for BIOS events.

Do you have ideas for future BIOS speakers or topics? Contact Maria Dehnert.


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