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SGG #124: Bill Schultz's inspiring journey and the development of the Miracle League in Dane County

The SGG podcast examines the stories of everyday leadership that positively impact lives in and through sports. The stories of those who've worked with integrity, passion, and purpose can guide our own journeys to grow the good in the world around us. Thanks for listening!

Bill Schultz is the founder and leader of the Miracle League in Dane County, WI. He joined us to tell his own story of growing up with physical disabilities, staying resilient, and ultimately impacting many lives in positive ways. The Miracle League provides children with disabilities -- and their families -- with opportunities to play sports and have fun together. Bill's story is inspiring. Our SGG conversation included conversation about: 1. Bills sports experiences when he was young. 2. The coaches and adults who impacted him growing up. 3. His experiences as a manager in college. 4. His career. 5. How the Miracle league came to fruition in the Madison area. 6. What happens at Miracle League games. 7. A couple of "miracle stories." 8. What comes next.

The Miracle League Field is accessible and navigable for all.


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