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Coach Paula Wilkins on leadership and adaptability

Coach Wilkins, the head UW Women's coach and a top leader in the field of US collegiate soccer, shared rich insights on culture and adaptability at our UW-Madison Coaching Symposium. With great wisdom, humor and clarity, she kept the audience in rapt attention! Some of the key points delivered by Coach Wilkins:

  • Changing a program begins with changing the culture;

  • Teams should never lose a game because of effort;

  • Communication between players and coaches must be constant;

  • Do not always seek to avoid conflict -- it can be productive;

  • Players want to be held accountable and they seek discipline;

  • Players need coaches' time;

  • Players need to know that coaches care;

  • Coaches and leaders must be willing to listen and adapt.

Want to learn more from Coach Wilkins? Listen to our SGG podcast conversation with Paula:


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