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Members of our team, Landry Levinson, Maria Dehnert, Pete Miller, and Wquinton Smith traveled to the Miracle League field to present the Bell Cow award to Bill Shultz.

Bell Cow award: Bill Schultz, who provides inspiration and opportunity to children of all abilities

With great pleasure and admiration, we presented Bill Schultz a Bell Cow award in beautiful Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. Bill led the way in establishing the Miracle League of Dane County. The Miracle League provides exciting athletics opportunities to children with special needs. Through Bill's resilient, collaborative, heartfelt and wise action, families from all around the region have experienced happy times at the ball park together. We believe that one of the best ways to learn as aspiring leaders is to identify and learn from the great models around us. The Bell Cows in our midst show us how to lead. Bill, congratulations on the award and thank you for modeling such impactful leadership to us all!

Bill described how the planning and development of the field required many willing community partners, each of which played vital roles in coming together around a good cause.

The field surface is totally flat, accommodating children of all abilities.

The Miracle League is located on a beautiful site just east if Madison.


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