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Why should we preserve and advocate for school-based sports? (BIOS)

School-based sports and activities are important because they are widely accessible to millions of students throughout the U.S. The coaches and leaders of these teams are certified and part of broader communities of education. But school-based sports -- what NFHS Director Karissa Niehoff refers to as "the second half of the school day" -- are increasingly taking a back seat to non-school based sports. Karissa, who joined BIOS in Indianapolis, shared key research and insights with us on the extensive values of school-based sports. The question of how we can best preserve and improve these accessible options for students is central to the current environment of youth sports.

Listen to Karissa's insights on the Sport and the Growing Good podcast:

Refer to NFHS data on sport participation in the US.

Refer to the NFHS Play.Perform.Compete.Together campaign:


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