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Coaches are important educational leaders in our schools, communities, and universities. The Sport and the Growing Good (SGG) podcast provides embedded, front-line insights on winning and positive development. The SGG podcast can be heard here and on all major podcast platforms.

Marisa Kresge is an assistant coach for the University of Wisconsin’s women’s soccer team and also a youth-level coach in the Madison area. After a successful college career, where she served as captain of UW’s team, Marisa’s coaching career is off to a quick start. Marisa’s players speak very highly of her – and she’s learning the ropes from Paula Wilkins, one of the most respected coaches in the game. In this SGG episode, we discussed:

1.  Playing competitive youth soccer with coaches who challenged her and instilled values in her.

2.  Understanding the developmental levels of the players she coaches.

3.  Leadership and cultural changes on the UW team during the 2013-14 seasons: “It changed our entire program.”

4.  Serving as captain of the UW team – and why she took on a vocal role.

5.  How an injury sowed the seeds of a coaching career in her mind – the injury was “a blessing in disguise.”

6.  The importance of kids loving the game and investing in it at a young age. “It has to be player driven.”

7.  Routines she uses with her teams – keeping it fun and engaging.

8.  Remaining open to new environments when transitioning into a new assistant coaching job.

9.  “It takes time to get to know someone, and the more time you invest in someone, the better thing will be.”


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