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Coaches are important educational leaders in our schools, communities, and universities. The Sport and the Growing Good (SGG) podcast provides embedded, front-line insights on winning and positive development. The SGG podcast can be heard here and on all major podcast platforms.

Josh Niblett is the head football coach at Hoover High School in Birmingham, Alabama. Coach Niblett’s teams have won multiple state championships and have been recognized as one of the top programs in the country. Coach Niblett is an educator who values the deeper life lessons that can be learned through sports. He described:

1.  Agape love – and what it looks like on a football team;

2.  Weekly “Mindset Wednesday” discussions with his team;

3.  How he sharpens his edge;

4.  His team’s core value of respecting cultural differences;

5.  The “lighthouse” effect of lessons learned from the team;

6.  Finding a common denominator among team members;

7.  The team's word of the year: “E.D.G.E.”

8.  What he still struggles with;

9.  How he develops personal relationships with individual players;

10.  Twenty years of Wednesday evening Bible study with his team and family;

11.  “Change pace, change place, change perspective;”

12.  Being honest with players;

13.  Hating losing more than loving winning;

14.  The books he recommends to developing coaches, especially the Program.


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