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The youth sports special series rolls on with a look at technology, high-level, AAU hoops, and basketball development in Italy.

Ryan Hoover was a wildly successful college and professional basketball player. His career spanned over 20 years in the US and Europe. After retirement, Ryan went on to play a critical role at a leading sports technology company and he also serves as an AAU basketball coach on the Under Armour circuit. In this episode of the SGG podcast, we discussed:

1. His sports experiences playing growing up – and always looking for the highest levels of competition.

2. Scouting out the best spring and summer sports experiences during the summers of his youth—and using his allowance wisely to make the most of these experiences!

3. Today’s AAU basketball world which, unfortunately, includes fewer multi-sport athletes.

4. How participating in multiple sports can foster humility.

5. Coaching with KC Run GMC on the Under Armour circuit.

6. The “Extra Mile” program in his team’s program. Focusing on life skills and holistic development.

7. How young players are developed in Italy. Weighing costs/benefits of pro teams and junior teams instead of college and high school teams.

8. Playing with 17-year-old Danilo Galinari, who would later go on to NBA stardom.

9. Communicating with families in the AAU setting. “We just want them to be a part of a great team.”

10. His team roles in skill development, career development, and family care.

11. “Whether we want to accept it or not, technology is having a huge impact on our game.”

12. Working at Shot-Tracker.

13. How Scott Drew and Baylor Basketball’s early adoption of technology has paid off.


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