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Devin Cannady starred as a basketball player at Princeton University and is now a professional basketball player with experience in the NBA and G League. Devin is also known for developing Isowdev, an simple yet innovative training platform that aims to increase access to skill development for young people. In this SGG episode, we discussed:

1. Playing multiple sports growing up.

2. The local AAU team that he played on until his sophomore year in high school.

3. What factored into his decision to change to a national level AAU team, including family sacrifices that had to be made.

4. The relationships that were important in his AAU journey.

5. Mentoring his younger brother through his basketball journey.

6. His mother’s role in leading the family through sports.

7. How basketball prepared him for success at Princeton.

8. How and why he developed Isowdev. “It was just a way to stay connected.”

9. “I can be one of those resources that people have access to.”

10. “Technology can be a good thing when used properly…There are a lot of things that technology can’t pick up on, such as the feel of the game. There are nuances that make the game of basketball so beautiful. It’s an art form. The way you move is not meant to be rigid and robotic and too technical.”

11. Creating more access to opportunity in sports.


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