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As I was editing the third and final SGG episode with UW’s Walter Dickey, I was speaking with former Big Ten Conference Commissioner Jim Delany and asked for his perspective on Walter. Jim described Walter as a “straight shooter” and “one of the most able and honest people that I ran across in my 31 years in the Big 10.”

Jim's words of high praise are included in the introductory remarks of this episode. And then, focusing largely on some of his key partners from over the years, Walter and I discussed:

1. Working together with Frank Remington. “He was incredibly generous with his time and his knowledge.”

2. Other partners from the Law School and Corrections over the years.

3. Lesson from Frank Remington: “Helping young people develop is a calling.”

4. “I’ve always thought the development of others was one of my principal responsibilities.”

5. Close observation and imagination.

6. Developing a sense of judgment. “If you’re going to develop a sense of judgment, you need knowledge of the system you’re working in.”

7. “The ability to understand people and empathize with people is vital.”

8. “Working in harness with another.” (more fun, better ideas)

9. Becoming a leader in athletics.

10. Working closely with Jim Delany. Loyalty and discretion.

11. Jim Delany’s skill in getting groups get where they need to go.

12. Different ways to disagree.

13. Beginnings of working with Barry Alvarez.

14. Working with Chris McIntosh. “I quickly realized how intelligent and perceptive he was…I took him everywhere.”

15. Transitioning away from being on campus every day. “It was hard…I spent my life poised for action.”

16. Realizing that “I’ve done my part.”

17. “The future will rise up before us.”

18. Family.


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