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In the second part of our three episodes that focus on the great law professor, public leader, and athletics leader, we discussed:

1. The importance of reading over the years. “It fed my curiosity and desire to learn…It helped develop in me a sense of idealism in the world and possibilities in the world…It led me to have some illusions about what was possible in the world.”

2. Keeping a journal every day: “What I think about. What we do.”

3. “I’ve done my part.”

4. Attempting to become more present.

5. “Poised to learn.”

6. A goal for law students: growth for the rest of their lives.

7. “The law in action.”

8. A sound structural education in law school. “The bones of the law.” Principles and specifics.

9. A metaphor for lawyer prep: playwright vs. critic.

10. Being both a law professor and the head of corrections.

11. “On the ground understanding.”

12. Developing trust as head of corrections.

13. The value of “unglamorous” jobs as a youngster.

14. The influence of Jesuit education.

15. Law and leadership as a “helping profession.”

16. “Creating value” as a leader.

17. The importance of communication as a leader.

18. Learning how to navigate multiple contexts as a leader. “Assess it. Look at it as carefully as you can. Then figure out what to do.”

19. “You can’t become too attached to your own view.”

20. “The anchoring effect.”

21. Diagnostic interviews.

22. Moral authority. “It’s earned. You’re not anointed with it.”

23. “A degree of humility is incredibly powerful.”

24. Living a balanced life. “The lives of our children and grandchildren are of first order importance.”


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