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SGG #114: Former NFL player, now professor, Travis Dorsch describes an "integrated" perspective on youth sports

Travis Dorsch is an associate professor at Utah State University, where he studies and teaches about youth sports. Professor Dorsch’s work influences the broader field in multiple ways – especially in our move toward adopting more holistic understandings of the youth sports experience. A former NFL football player and now father of young athletes, Travis brings a well-informed perspective to the table.

On this SGG episode, we discussed:

1. Travis’ experiences as a multi-sport athlete in Bozeman, MT.

2. Some of the coaches who impacted him during middle and high school years.

3. Playing sports in Bozeman.

4. How Travis’ experiences as an athlete led him to a career studying sports.

5. What is an “integrated understanding of the youth sports system?”

6. What he means when he says, “I think parents are trapped” in the youth sports environment.

7. Advice Travis has for parents of young athletes. (intrinsic motivation)

8. Advice Travis has for more mature, gifted athletes. (surround them with good people and be willing to let go)

9. Families’ financial investments in youth sports. One interesting finding: The more money we invest can lead to increased pressure, less enjoyment, and increased likelihood of kids dropping out of sports.

10. Why we need to think about siblings in sports.

11. How Travis’ professional and personal experiences come together.


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