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SGG #111: Grand Park Sports Campus Director Matt Trnian: "If you build it they will come."

The Sport and the Growing Good podcast examines the stories of leaders who aim to improve lives and communities through sports.

Matt Trnian started as an intern at Grand Park. He moved up through the ranks and now serves as Director. Matt joined SGG to discuss his leadership journey. He also discussed Grand Park’s evolution…including what’s next for one of the nation’s premier sports and events facilities. We discussed:

1. A common theme among his best coaches from growing up: a focus on developing better people.

2. What he learned from his head high school football coach, Mike Elder: Accountability and investment in each person in the program.

3. Starting as an intern at Grand Park. Matt’s aspirations and responsibilities.

4. Key stakeholders and events along the way, including the Indianapolis Colts holding training camp at Grand Park.

5. Early resistance to Grand Park. “It was easy to be skeptical…It was an unproven product at that time.” (Many of the critics have changes their minds.)

6. Influencing broader community development.

7. Grand Park’s research and development hub. “We’re trying to stay on the cutting edge.”

8. Matt’s observations of the youth sports industry.


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