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Our Running a Championship System series continues. We're examining the ways that leadership unfolds at multiple levels across the Green Bay Packers organization.

Jason Wahlers, is Vice President of Communications for the Green Bay Packers. He joined the team in 2011. In addition to overseeing communications, he heads up public affairs and community outreach. Jason joined SGG to share about his background and his leadership work with the Packers. We discussed:

1. The value of working in minor league baseball. “I had an opportunity to do a little bit of everything.”

2. “You learn pretty early on that you have to put your time in in this business…It’s not enough to just love sports.”

3. The importance of consistency, unflappability, steadiness in his PR work.

4. Relationships with the media. Being available, direct, and honest. “If you can give them time, return calls. It sounds so simple. It’s the right thing to do…Don’t waste their time.”

5. He spends most of his time with football communications.

6. Making sure players, coaches, and others are prepared when they step in front of the media.

7. To be prepared in my role, you have to know what’s going on. It’s a constant monitoring of the many media platforms.

8. Not being a “meeting person.”

9. A benefit of working for the publicly-owned Packers: “We’re given the freedom to work.”

10. The inaccuracy of people thinking the Packers are a simple “small market team.”

11. His long family attachment to the Packers.

12. Jason’s learning and growth over recent years.

13. How sports provide a venue for meaningful conversation among diverse groups.


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