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Paul Baniel is the Vice President of Finance and Administration of the Green Bay Packers. He’s a veteran of over 35 years in the sports and entertainment industry. Having joined the Packers in 2009, he’s one of the key leaders in guiding the franchise to new heights.

Paul joined SGG as we continue our “Running a Championship System” series. We discussed:

1. The role of sports in his life as he grew up the 7th of 10 children.

2. As leader in Packers organization: Becoming a steward of a community asset.

3. Stewardship: one of the Packers five values.

4. Similarities between the Packers and Steelers franchises. “You definitely see a lot of parallels.

5. Key phases of the calendar year: end of fiscal year; building budget; reporting. For facilities and IT, off-season is project season.

6. “When the team is not in the building, that’s the time when we can change things in the team areas.”

7. How communication plays out across his three departments.

8. The Packers’ “mission, vision, values” approach.

9. What Paul values in looking for staff members: independence, creativity, problem-solving.

10. Servant leadership. If the team performs well “all the boats rise.”

11. The challenge of seeking upward advancement in an organization where there is little turnover. “Sometimes you have to move out to move up.”

12. Being introduced to servant leadership while leading at Potawatomi Casino…And applying the principles in his work with the Packers.

13. Working with employees: “Tell me what you need and don’t beat around the bush.”

14. Challenges and adaptations that he foresees for the future.

15. How roots and identity influence Packers’ decision-making. “We try to display a good amount of humility in our organization.”

16. Finding an edge as an organization.

17. “Winning financially helps us to win on the field.”


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