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As we continue learning about the multi-level leadership of the Packers, Gabrielle Valdez-Dow's perspective helps us to better understand the broader organizational context.

Gabrielle Valdez-Dow is vice president of marketing and fan engagement for the Green Bay Packers. Her career in sports is long and distinguished, including her work with the Baltimore Ravens, Florida Panthers, and AEG. In this SGG episode, we discussed:

1. How living and studying in Oregon led her into the field of sports.

2. Pearls of wisdom gleaned from her father: “love what you do.”

3. Two influential professors on her journey: Rick Burton and Dennis Howard

4. The difference between being a fan and the business of sports. “You have to love the business of sports.”

5. Every day is different. “That’s the beauty of it.”

6. Servant leadership.

7. Being a kind of “air traffic controller” in her unit.

8. Mission, vision, values. What’s noteworthy about the Packers? Stewardship. “Being a steward of our brand, no matter who you are, you are a steward of the brand…We drink the Kool-Aid from top to bottom. What’s best for the brand.”

9. How she’s changed over the years: “I’ve matured. I’ve relaxed.”

10. The character and culture is much different here…We don’t have an owner. Everything we do is put back into the team.

11. Mark Murphy as a supporter of leadership development. Getting her a growth coach.

12. Jill Ratliff, growth coach.

13. “The biggest thing for me is listening.”

14. Using Masterclass for growth for her staff.

15. How fan engagement is changing.

16. Getting players on “Call of Duty” and other new, innovative strategies.

17. “Winning always cures everything.”

18. The Packers’ community outreach efforts.

19. Her everyday routines. Working out early. Do not look at email before exercise and morning time with husband.

20. On your resume: add a “personal” section in order to make connections with people.


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