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"Pep Guardiola's triumph of ideas." The Manchester City coach is a master at developing a winning culture through strategy and attention to detail.


More articles on the importance of details in coaching:


How the Spurs coach forges and sustain tight relationships on his team.


Nick Saban's perspective on relationships: "They weren't my guys for 3 years, 4 years or 5 years. They're my guys forever. And that's the way we should all feel about what we do." View:


Are there material items that can enhance the durability of connections on our teams?  Physical space for former players, special alumni events, ticket privileges, regular communication...  these are all possibilities. Here's another:


What are the factors that challenge relationship development?  The sociological term "homophily" means that people tend to gravitate toward and/or hang out with people that are like themselves.  We can see this on most teams -- individuals sort into groups along a variety of variables, including race, grade, position, interests, personality type, etc.  One "sorting factor" that is especially interesting, and increasingly relevant, relates to the way team members spend their time. At Washington State, Fortnite has become a bonding force among teammates. While many coaches cringe and the "time wasted" by gaming, those at WSU seem to recognize some possibilities Fortnite presents for developing stronger networks.


How do "embedded" approaches -- those that allow coaches to stay close to and learn from the front lines of action -- play out in the NBA? Here are some good examples:


College strength and conditioning coaches play more pivotal roles than ever before:


There may be no clearer, more reasonable, nor more effective voices on youth sports than Mike Matheny.


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