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Coach Bobby Engram on how shared experiences can deepen team connections

UW football's Bobby Engram shared inspiring words at our BIOS Symposium on Leadership, Coaching, and Connectedness. The Badgers offensive coordinator -- a former NFL star and NFL coach -- focused on how coaches can develop relationships by sharing experiences with members of their teams. We all learn so much -- thank you Coach Bobby!

Some key takeaways from his talk:

  • The best way to show you care about players and coaches? time and attention;

  • Communication is key to mutual understanding and trust;

  • Leadership must be rooted in honesty and authenticity;

  • Coaches can (and should) be both consistent and flexible;

  • Coaches who spend meaningful time outside of the facility with their teams can build special bonds; and

  • Coaches should be willing to invite team members into your life away from the game.


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