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The SGG special series on youth sports continues, with a story of positive leadership and impact over many years.

Tracy Krueger was a beloved husband, father, teacher, coach, and referee whose impact could be seen throughout the state of Wisconsin. He was widely known to use sports as a vehicle for “growing the good” in the world around him. In this SGG episode, Tracy’s son, Brendan, joined us to reflect upon some memories of his father. We discussed:

1. The role sports played in Tracy’s life growing up, including participating as an athlete at UW-Stevens Point and UW-Superior.

2. Tracy’s guidance for his own kids in sports: If you start it, finish it. Remain committed. Never pressured kids to play sports. “Find that passion and share it with others.”

3. How Tracy made coaching a family affair.

4. What led Tracy into coaching.

5. Tracy’s infectious passion and energy in coaching.

6. Finding joy and fulfillment when young people developed.

7. Appreciating “unsung heroes.”

8. Why Tracy became an official and how he went about it. “He was really a people person.”

9. Why Tracy spent time with and appreciated the maintenance personnel.

10. A note from a former student. “He believed in me.”

11. Celebrating small victories.

12.“I know you can do it!”

13. “He was sharing what he loved.”

14. Tracy as a mentor and supporter of others. “How can I help this person out?”

15. Baking treats for others.


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