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Coaches are important educational leaders in our schools, communities, and universities. The Sport and the Growing Good (SGG) podcast provides embedded, front-line insights on winning and positive development. The SGG podcast can be heard here and on all major podcast platforms.

Ben Askren was an accomplished college wrestler, winning two national championships and a Hodge Trophy. He then wrestled for the US in the 2008 Olympics and, later, achieved success and notoriety in MMA. These days, Ben is active on multiple fronts in the sport of wrestling, including his work with young wrestlers through the Askren Wrestling Academy. Ben joined the SGG podcast and discussed:

1.  Playing multiple sports as a kid.

2.  “The only thing you can really control is effort.”

3.  Giving kids responsibility and allowing them to experiment.

4.  Remaining open-minded.

5.  Performing in high pressure situations, the game is the same, don’t worry about what you can’t control.

6.  Competing under pressure.

7.  Building relationships first.

8.  “Think about the best coach you ever had.”


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